PayPal Aimed Email Scam

Delete this email if you find it or a similar one in your email in box

Take your time never rush when checking your emails as scammers do try it on often.

on 21 Jan 2017, 16:35PM
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PayPal is one of the most successful payment gateways on line, if not the most successful. Its safe secure and ultra reliable. So inevitable it gets more than a little interest from those corrupt minded depraved individuals who would steal from their own mother’s purse.

There are two kinds of PayPal scam emails, the one you can see above that drops into your email box and looks half real and the one that recreates the PayPal website front page and tries to lure you in that way.

PayPal do not send out emails like this, so delete it the minute you see one.

So how do you tell a real PayPal email?

This is very easy just look at the address on the scam email above support ( This is the person who sent the email (from ip address of ( their details are at the bottom of the this page.

How do you tell what is real or a scam?

Just delete these emails and forget it is our message, if PayPal or others like ITunes send you an email and it looks official, do not download anything, but click to go to the website if you have to. Then look at the address bar in your browser. PayPal with have the full address ending in then country code like UK or USA, it will be in green and have a padlock to the left, please see images of PayPals real address.

Correct PayPal address UK or in the USA Correct PayPal web address UK HSBC Correct HSBC web address UK Barclaycard Correct Barclaycard web address UK

Sadly scams happen every day so be alert, an email can look real, but in most cases its just another scam, So Stay Safe.

Now Who did Send Us That Email Above

Here is the answer

General IP Information About the person who sent the above email

  • IP:
  • Decimal:3494747301
  • ASN:13767
  • ISP:Cologlobal
  • Organization:DataBank Holdings
  • Connection Type:Broadband
  • Assignment:Static IP
  • Geolocation Information
  • Continent:North America
  • Country:Canada
  • State/Region:Ontario
  • City:Toronto
  • Latitude:43.7298 (43° 43′ 47.28″ N)
  • Longitude:-79.2639 (79° 15′ 50.04″ W)
  • Postal Code:M1K

OK Canada your police can do the rest!

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